Beast Saga is the first season of the Japanese anime series from Takaratomy and d-rights of the same name. It was animated by Synergy SP and broadcasted by TV Tokyo starting on January 13, 2013 at 8:44 AM (JST). 


In 2012 Takaratomy revived the concept of Beastformers, which was a side line of the successful Transformers franchise in the 80s. In September 2012 it was announced that an anime series was in production. The official site of Beast Saga launched in late December. The first season aired until late September and was replaced by Ace of Diamond. In late October 2013 a second season was announced, but only a DVD release was mentioned. But as of February 2014 no more DVDs were scheduled. In May 2014 Beast Saga aired in Korea. Also the fourteen lost episodes were aired. On August 22, 2014 the lost episodes were streamed on Docomo Animestore as well as all other.


Beast Saga takes place on a distant planet in our galaxy called Beast, where three beast tribes, the Sea Tribe, the Land Tribe and the Sky Tribe fight for their honor. Each of the tribes protect an infinite elemental power source called Godlot.

Weblinks - Official Website  - TV Tokyo's site for Beast Saga

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